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Difference between GPU and ASIC

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Difference between GPU and ASIC

September 1, 2022
Latest company case about Difference between GPU and ASIC



latest company case about Difference between GPU and ASIC  0


GPU rigs are able to mine different coins as the gpu's can run different algorithms unlike ASIC machines which are purpose built and can only mine one algorithm.
This has pros and cons, as the ASIC machine will be very good at mining that one coin however if you want to mine a different coin you wouldn't be able to with an ASIC.
ASIC machines are very loud, hard to come by unlike gpu rigs which are fairly quiet and easily accessible. They are so quiet many of our clients have the rigs in their homes.
GPU rigs will have a re-sell value if you ever wanted to sell the rig. This is as the parts are high end and are in high demand from other areas such as gaming/Ai. Unlike ASIC where they devalue massively with little or no value within weeks of purchase.
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